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Staticity in Assistance

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Wake up and move

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Shake yourself, get moving, and awaken what is dormant within you. Today, drowsiness is prevalent in all areas of life. I’m not referring to the typical physical drowsiness, but rather to the lack of motivation, fatigue, lack of focus, disorientation in life, and one’s own search for direction. Through this post, I would like to visually demonstrate the need for dynamic movement, which is not only physical but also mental in nature. In mental movement, our thoughts and feelings, motives, desires, and needs are all involved. The ways in which these words vibrate in our consciousness depend on each individual. Imagine the exhilarating feeling when we discover, learn, and achieve something. That is exactly how we should ignite creativity within ourselves. A firm foundation is important for our progress and sense of security. But here we are talking about the firmness and security of our intention and bold action. Instability is precisely the catalyst for an enriched attitude and a positive rhythm of movement in everyday life. The result is progress. Every progress, personal or collective, is initiated from the foundation of the first intention. After the first intention, a motivated incentive follows like a wind.

I would like to mention the “thorn of motivation,” which could be compared to our state of restlessness that constantly seeks to achieve something. We could describe it as restlessness in a motivational context. This restlessness can also be called a creative need.

The prick of the “thorn of motivation” ignites the fire of achievement. The fire of achievement soothes our hearts.

“The thorn of restlessness is for enrichment.”

Too much security and comfort lead to passivity, which does not realize creativity, something that every human being craves.

Creation is a part of our nature; it is important to awaken it.

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