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Staticity in Assistance

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Magnetic love

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Self-love connects love and is inherently magnetic. The fulfillment of love comes from its source, passes through a person, and returns to the source, enriched with magnetic attraction that it imparts to others. Magnetic attraction is simultaneously attraction itself, but it is not static. Various types of attraction may be crossing our minds now. There are spontaneous attractions that are often invisible or temporarily incomprehensible. You may wonder about these attractions. It’s when people spontaneously meet, encounter, look at each other, and feel a certain reaction in their behavior. Reactions, thoughts, and body parts such as the eyes and head can perceive and respond. These attractions can manifest in relationships between people as affections or a sense of attraction. However, such attractions can also have a deeper connection that isn’t necessarily based on external attractiveness. They can possess a magnetic allure that brings peace, trust, and comfort without requiring physical attraction. It is enough for us to connect with that person and create a pleasant atmosphere in our thoughts and communication.

To approach means to find meaning, and magnetic attraction is an indescribable harmony of excitement and joy, an inexhaustible source of inspiration, creativity, and a fullness of compassion for others. Here’s an example. When you find someone appealing, whether it be physically or simply as a person, and you feel genuinely accepted, do you also experience positive feelings towards others? Answer that question for yourself and try to live out the emotions you may have had in your life, viewing togetherness from a positive perspective.

Magnetic love equals an incessant quest, and this pursuit nurtures hope, motivation, and new real and truthful realizations that provide us with a peaceful soar, both in our work and personal lives.

Crystallization of thinking

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Belief in rational crystallization of thoughts, as opposed to burdensome human perspectives. Crystallization brings forth the thoughts we desire or those that inspire us. But is it always correct? Sometimes, our thinking carries us away in the pursuit of pleasure by shaping thoughts according to our own measure. Crystallization implies separation. When we crystallize something special, we feel fulfilled. We can be creative, learn, grow, and improve ourselves mentally, physically, and materially. Crystallization brings many benefits.

But how can we crystallize properly? Crystallization reflects our inner world. It is a state of consciousness that strives for what suits us. The external manifestation of crystallization reflects our inner essence. Crystallization that generates conflict within ourselves or externally is not positive. Crystallization that disturbs others or causes discomfort is not positive either. You might ask, then, what constitutes good crystallization? I can’t always observe everything; I need to look at myself as well. If such thoughts overwhelm you, remember that you won’t be neglected when you achieve proper crystallization. It will enrich and truly fulfill you.

In that state, question and listen to the words spoken earlier, directed towards you. You will notice that when you experience the right crystallization, you will no longer have a need for biased thoughts or thoughts that create unrest, first within yourself and then in others. That is precisely the satisfaction = love. Allow me to give you an example. If you recall pleasant moments and positive accomplishments, pause! Enter fresh moments where those states are still vivid, almost instantaneous. You will see how gently, positively, and effortlessly you perceive others. Everything is fine. That is the feeling that crystallization achieves.

Crystallization, dear, accomplishes, soothes, brings enthusiasm and creativity…

The prism of selfhood

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By viewing others through the lens of our own limitations, we encourage similarities with others and attach ourselves to what makes us uncomfortable. However, if we look at others through their own uniqueness, we create a positive distance. This distance provides space for both ourselves and others, a space that unifies us.

Looking at old patterns through the lens of our own limitations has a negative impact on us. It tires us, exhausts us, and ultimately leads to dysfunction in our mental, emotional, and physical well-being. Yielding to familiar patterns of feelings and thoughts means bowing to what rules within us. But if we have already recognized and implemented something better for ourselves, why should we return? When we genuinely get to know what is better, wouldn’t it be logical to hold onto it?

The better part is something we overcome daily. It is the moment when we admire our own extraordinary self-control. It can be a victory over fear, thoughts, or something we have carried within us for a long time. Let’s imagine it! Let’s strive for a better version of ourselves in the ways that we know best. Everyone knows themselves best. Let’s go where we listen to the sound reasoning within us, let’s start here. When we set out on the right path, we have already accomplished a significant part of the journey. Daring to begin means stepping out of the comfort of our own thoughts and habits. This is the adventure of life, which doesn’t end but continually intensifies the excitement that is actually peace. Peace is not static; it is a life-giving force of satisfaction. The prism of our limitations can be transformed into a prism of peace, reflection, energy, and rest.


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The heart of unity is the bond of love, responsibility, and truth. Truth is an act that reflects reality. Let reality be unburdening, beautiful, pleasant, under control, and composed. The feather signifies lightness, but also the slippery slope towards irresponsibility, pain, suffering, worry, and separation. Thus, opposite the feather is the brain observed by the eye. This image, as well as the text, can be properly understood through contemplation and understanding.

“The act of unification” can be described as achieving harmony that is not a result of natural instincts, but rather requires a conscious departure from one’s own individuality. This often occurs due to the burden caused by the weakness that shapes the mind, and all of this is further exacerbated by immersion in a negative and burdensome environment.

Fiery thoughts and words

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The manifestation of words is a process that surrounds us every day. Every thought and word comes out of us, we emit them into the world. To whom are they addressed? To ourselves, to others, to nature… Acceleration! The acceleration of life is not foreign to us, you will agree. As the title suggests, fiery! Fiery thinking and expression captivate the mind, positively, negatively, excitingly. We are left with colder thoughts and words, which I would call boring or monotonous. I don’t even have to guess, I know that fiery thoughts and words have grown closer to your heart. Maybe someone even likes monotony and boredom, but overall, everyone mostly likes the feeling of lively thought processes in which they feel alive. All of these are thoughts and words of everyday life, but there is a difference. The differences are everything that sets it apart from a certain context, and that is the content that is striking, according to the reader’s understanding and interest. There are contents that are generally known in the collective consciousness as more interesting or sensitive. I won’t mention specific content, you can come to your own conclusions about what you consider a striking form for the majority of people today.

Now, let me pause for those who still don’t understand the meaning of this text. Why is it written and what is its content? We come to the part where we enter the hot part of this post. I will explain it like this. This content, like other content, comes from a fundamental structure that has the purpose of strikingly arousing thoughts, words, and actions. According to the individual thinking form of each reader, indicating to him the sense in which he should understand the individual content. Without compromising his willingness to consume the content, because everyone has the ability to enrich that same content with their originality.

I would fit the energy of words into this part of the composition of the content. The energy of words, as the word itself says, is the process of achieving effective vibrations that need to be executed where they are sent. For example, when we create a certain thought form within ourselves, it needs to initiate further activity through further compositions of thought processes. Likewise, only words can interact with the environment. We should not underestimate either of them, but take them seriously, so that we can think and communicate calmly, pleasantly, buoyantly, and humorously. Such contents do not disappear, they are always somewhere, even if a person suppresses and forgets them. I would kindly direct these presentation processes to each individual reader and direct words, reflections. By considering individual events in the day, we are also doing cleaning that pleasantly releases us from unnecessary burdens and creates a truly pleasant feeling. Try it if you haven’t already.

And now, I will spice things up a bit with words. Let’s imagine now, moments in our lives when tempting ideas or thought images come to us, which could be useful to us, either for our pleasure, work, earning or something else that would create alert and tempting feelings for us.

In pursuit of intellectual pearls, I create posts. This is to ensure that everyone can partake in these ideas and insights, waiting to be realized through our originality and good will.

Indeed, true realization of knowledge occurs in moments of identical consciousness, triggering the treasure that brings about inner and outer brilliance.


Some individuals are not inclined to think much about creating intellectual processes and insights, perhaps because they are not such people, don’t have the time, or are burdened with the realities of life and a host of other possibilities that could prevent them from staying alert to progress. I am here for you.

Concentric core

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The concentric core of action expands through the human mind, acting also in the body and influencing the environment.

The magnetism stemming from the striking core of emotions spreads, exciting the human mind until it calms down.

That is why there is a place and time for human actions.

The thoughtful concentricity is a set of thought processes that occur when we experience striking thoughts, thoughts connected to emotions. Striking thoughts can also be thoughts related to body activities and feelings, through pleasures, illnesses, and other mental and physical conditions.

Why is it important to express these characteristics in this post? Because these activities shape our thoughts and everyday life. Frequent exposure to various influences creates a routine that passes into the subconscious state, which we could call a dormant state.

We will not take it so seriously, will we? The purpose is just to provide a positive insight into the daily lives of each of us individually. Yes, individually! Individually here means that everyone who reads participates in the original adoption of thought processes arising from this text and concerns only those who adopt them. This means that each of you is important. I am addressing you! In a friendly manner, of course.

I would like to achieve intimacy and a kind of positive interaction with everyone who connects through the content I create, and I humbly thank everyone who consumes the content of this blog.

They fit, for example, into artistic fields, but also into other areas where they can act according to their creativity. “Liberating instructions,” self-directed orders, are part of the mobile force of stimulation. The conclusion of this sentence would be that, even though we have difficulties, even though our minds are deconcentrated, even though we are weak in other areas, it can always be transformed into positive energy and act on us and others.

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