Reconciliation with Myself

Reconciliation can be difficult, but in the end, it is sweet and liberating. I always listen to the voice in my mind that tells me how to behave and what to do. But do I really need to always listen to that voice? If we look at the realities of everyday life, we can become aware that the voice is not always accurate. We have become accustomed to listening to it without thinking. We should consider that this inner voice is shaped by our experiences and memories. Reconciliation with ourselves is a lifelong struggle that begins in childhood. We encounter various experiences, both good and bad, and we listen to the voice within us. But why is it important to reconcile with ourselves? Because if we were to avoid negative experiences that go against our desires, we wouldn’t need to go through the process of reconciliation. However, that is not the reality of life. Therefore, we need to focus on the present reality. Our reactions to external stimuli depend on our physical and mental state. Our reactions are the result of internal impulses or energies that manifest in different ways. Our perception depends on the mental instructions we have received through upbringing, habits, and natural inclinations. In order to develop a positive perception, we need to acquire knowledge through life experiences. These insights shape us as individuals, and we should accept them. Correct perception frees us from negative emotions and burdens. We should strive to be more sensitive and feel more intensely. Concentrating and calming the mind allows us to notice what is in our thoughts. We need to pause, gather ourselves, and recharge our natural batteries in order to move forward.

Every insight shapes us as individuals, so let’s be curious and open like children.

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