The Beauty of the Heart

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The beauty of the heart is a connection that recognizes the uniqueness of a person, just as they are. If we notice beauty in their subtle movements, facial features, and the depth of their emotions, then we can say that we feel that person. In this text, I will focus more on the perception within a partnership, although this applies generally, regardless of the type of relationship. I want to avoid any misinterpretation of the content by the readers.

Feeling another person is a great talent. Feeling means establishing a connection because as soon as we characterize someone, we are already in contact with them.

Contact can be mental and physical. Mental contact often leaves room for various thoughts that we invent or contemplate about a person. Paying attention to someone creates a kind of mental contact, where we open ourselves to that person. This openness can be positive or negative. Negative connections strive to resolve conflicts, while positive connections seek to reconcile or share pleasant feelings, thoughts, words, and other forms of contact.

Being interested in the beauty of the heart means bypassing the interruption and disturbance of our own expectations and desires, genuinely showing interest. This is a deep connection that operates in accordance with appropriate principles of contact. By trusting in such an approach to connection, we open ourselves to the physical beauty of a person that arises from their inner beauty. By seeing the inner beauty first, accepting it, we then recognize the external connection and beauty.

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