Man and animal

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The human mind significantly differs from that of an animal, primarily in the realm of goodwill. Natural mechanisms of living beings operate according to the laws of nature, just like in humans. I chose this topic to inspire ourselves through the world of animals.

When we observe living beings and nature, we notice that they are all similar to their own kind, almost identical, although not literally. The world of life possesses its uniqueness and behavior, but compared to humans, everything is roughly alike. A lily flower is similar to other lily flowers, a cheetah is similar to other cheetahs, and a bear is similar to other bears. Look into the eyes of animals, what do they tell us? They exhibit consciousness in which we don’t see manipulation but rather the experience of each animal—anger, joy, sadness, and their natural rhythm of movement. As they move, animals have a simple gaze focused and concentrated on their life processes and activities.

If we examine the human gaze, we can discern an entire world of thoughts and feelings, as well as intellectual attitudes and complexities that humans can utilize based on their intellectual, emotional, mental, and internal systems. I don’t need to say much about this aspect; anyone who is aware of this text can comprehend human states because they see and feel them every day.

Let’s look at this young man in the picture. Notice his control of the moment, the power of carefreeness, and the sense of security and peace. Let’s remember that we have the power of control and stewardship over natural resources, may it be with love.

The Young Man and the Animals
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