Personal Frequency

I found myself in words, which means I found myself caught in my thoughts, wanting to fill them with the enchantment of words. At first glance, those words appear positive because they inspire and teach, but over time, they become an obsession if we fully surrender to them. We hold on to them because we hear them within ourselves, and they encourage us. Words are accessible in our minds, and we have learned to use them. Through words, we think, create thought forms, and receive understanding and other emotions that we can interpret. However, they also limit us, hinder our progress, and restrict our horizons. They create a burden that disrupts joy, peace, motivation, and positive thoughts.

Of course, it is important to have reason, thought forms, and articulate expressions in our minds through reality. However, completely surrendering to these thought forms can lead to obsessive thoughts that demand fulfillment of their quota of contemplation. For example, if a thought process is triggered, and a person is inclined to fully surrender to their thoughts, the thoughts will push to be dismissed only when relief is felt or a conclusion is reached. This way of thinking can be disturbing, disruptive, and scattering.

Let’s imagine feeling good while walking in places connected to positive memories, but those places inspire us with new positive plans. However, those plans turn into efforts that burden and exhaust us. Why? Because we want to achieve a sense of fulfillment despite the pleasant atmosphere; we desire even more pleasant feelings. It becomes a chain reaction of pleasant sensations susceptible to the manipulation of thought forms. We can compare it to addictions. Addictions that are continuously indulged in become part of a chain reaction that can eventually dominate a person. Similarly, positive and negative thoughts can become a chain-like obsessive system because we seek fulfillment through them.

I will again compare addictions and fulfillment through thoughts. We have to experience all of that in order to become accustomed to it. Consumption is required for addictions, while awareness of the means of pleasure is necessary for understanding how we can fall into those patterns of thinking and feeling. People who think a lot, contemplate, and learn can be susceptible to this because their minds possess a wealth of information with which they constantly work towards progress and gaining knowledge on how to feel better, using various insights, experiences, and learned thought forms.

It is wonderful when a person works on their progress, learns, develops, especially when it is directed towards positive goals and the common good. This is tremendously important for both the individual and the environment. We can call it cerebral creations.

Finding our own frequency that crystallizes a vast amount of information, feelings, thoughts, and emotions holds great significance. Such a discovery can truly be invaluable treasure. It helps us see things unburdened, be more serene, focused, and joyful.

How can we find our own frequency? It requires rational and conscientious listening to our own thoughts, feelings, and needs.

In conclusion, it is better to act despite the burdens, to develop oneself and one’s environment, than to consciously refrain from action. However, it is important for a person to remain in the right frequency because it is attunement with their inner feelings and direction. Regardless of the various mental tools we use, it is crucial that we employ them to get to know ourselves and our inner being.

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