Sphere of Perception

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The Sphere of Perception encompasses recently added posts that primarily relate to various states in our everyday life. The depiction of this image prompts reflection on characters and atmosphere. The natural ambiance of the painting is enhanced by flashes of light, symbolizing our thoughts and emotions, and encouraging positive thinking. However, the idea of living without negative qualities can be unsettling, disturbing, and leave us feeling scattered and angry. The painting portrays the negative aspects of language and observation that should not influence us but need to be recognized. The purpose of this artwork is to vividly illustrate the influences of everyday life. The depiction of the face detached from the hand symbolizes the desire to free ourselves from these negative aspects and connect with the positive light. The right part of the painting represents communication among individuals, where a spark can be observed in the eye. It is the spark of achieved positive relationships radiating towards others. On the face of the interlocutor, we can notice an open gaze and a gentle smile of contentment. The purpose of the painting and our positive actions is to live among others and within them.

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