The Sparkle in the Eyes of the Interlocutor

Feelings and projections of the mind influence our actions through the creation of thought processes. It is important to note that biological needs and emotions are essential in the natural functioning of an organism, along with all their complexities.

All of this rapidly occurs and provides us with awareness of different images to which we are exposed. For instance, there is a process in which we are aware of certain thought processes but choose not to dwell on them because they burden us, disturb us, and disrupt our concentration. In those moments, we pause for a moment before turning our gaze, feeling and contemplating. When we take a quick glance, we give the projection an opportunity to reveal itself. In an instant, light enters our sensory organs at lightning speed, creating mental forms as well as attraction and agitation. Raising our gaze is important because the projection aligns with our most sensitive and appealing spheres of thought and emotion. Part of that projection already exists within us, which is why it is so enticing and seeks compatibility with us. Refraining from raising our gaze in those moments represents a significant leap in self-control and progress.

Let me return to the part where we pause before the decisive moment of lifting our gaze. At that moment, we may hear sounds or simply sense and evaluate possible situations that may arise if we look at the projection that has already become conscious to us. However, since we are aware of what is being presented to us, we have already engaged in contemplation. Therefore, when we hear the sound and sense the noise of the projection, we cannot simply ignore what it is and whether it is good or bad for us. But we should not further listen or lift our gaze. We should immediately have alternative thought patterns ready to divert our minds towards something we love and find fulfilling. Hence, it is important to have an active, creative, and recreational mode of thinking so that we constantly achieve positive dynamics and have positive thoughts to dwell upon. A passive mode of thinking results in a passive state of the body and movement, while our inner depth seeks expression.

If we continue to focus solely on that, whatever comes easily to our hands will dominate our consciousness. It is an image that has been imposed upon us, and we have freely chosen to look at it. Keep in mind that our mind can be filled with numerous projections that imprison us and harm our inner peace.

It is necessary to persist in these controls because the less we look, the sweeter the forbidden fruit will be. As long as we establish continuity and diminish the desire to look and feel, a brief period of mental-biological/physical charge will pass, which we must endure persistently. Afterwards, peace and contentment will ensue, along with the fulfillment that comes from achieving incredible things. These things pertain to transcendence and surpassing our own nature, which is not contrary to the natural mechanisms of the body but rather opposes the models influenced by the environment that affect our biological, physical, and mental state.

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