The prism of selfhood

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By viewing others through the lens of our own limitations, we encourage similarities with others and attach ourselves to what makes us uncomfortable. However, if we look at others through their own uniqueness, we create a positive distance. This distance provides space for both ourselves and others, a space that unifies us.

Looking at old patterns through the lens of our own limitations has a negative impact on us. It tires us, exhausts us, and ultimately leads to dysfunction in our mental, emotional, and physical well-being. Yielding to familiar patterns of feelings and thoughts means bowing to what rules within us. But if we have already recognized and implemented something better for ourselves, why should we return? When we genuinely get to know what is better, wouldn’t it be logical to hold onto it?

The better part is something we overcome daily. It is the moment when we admire our own extraordinary self-control. It can be a victory over fear, thoughts, or something we have carried within us for a long time. Let’s imagine it! Let’s strive for a better version of ourselves in the ways that we know best. Everyone knows themselves best. Let’s go where we listen to the sound reasoning within us, let’s start here. When we set out on the right path, we have already accomplished a significant part of the journey. Daring to begin means stepping out of the comfort of our own thoughts and habits. This is the adventure of life, which doesn’t end but continually intensifies the excitement that is actually peace. Peace is not static; it is a life-giving force of satisfaction. The prism of our limitations can be transformed into a prism of peace, reflection, energy, and rest.

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