Magnetic love

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Self-love connects love and is inherently magnetic. The fulfillment of love comes from its source, passes through a person, and returns to the source, enriched with magnetic attraction that it imparts to others. Magnetic attraction is simultaneously attraction itself, but it is not static. Various types of attraction may be crossing our minds now. There are spontaneous attractions that are often invisible or temporarily incomprehensible. You may wonder about these attractions. It’s when people spontaneously meet, encounter, look at each other, and feel a certain reaction in their behavior. Reactions, thoughts, and body parts such as the eyes and head can perceive and respond. These attractions can manifest in relationships between people as affections or a sense of attraction. However, such attractions can also have a deeper connection that isn’t necessarily based on external attractiveness. They can possess a magnetic allure that brings peace, trust, and comfort without requiring physical attraction. It is enough for us to connect with that person and create a pleasant atmosphere in our thoughts and communication.

To approach means to find meaning, and magnetic attraction is an indescribable harmony of excitement and joy, an inexhaustible source of inspiration, creativity, and a fullness of compassion for others. Here’s an example. When you find someone appealing, whether it be physically or simply as a person, and you feel genuinely accepted, do you also experience positive feelings towards others? Answer that question for yourself and try to live out the emotions you may have had in your life, viewing togetherness from a positive perspective.

Magnetic love equals an incessant quest, and this pursuit nurtures hope, motivation, and new real and truthful realizations that provide us with a peaceful soar, both in our work and personal lives.

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