Crystallization of thinking

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Belief in rational crystallization of thoughts, as opposed to burdensome human perspectives. Crystallization brings forth the thoughts we desire or those that inspire us. But is it always correct? Sometimes, our thinking carries us away in the pursuit of pleasure by shaping thoughts according to our own measure. Crystallization implies separation. When we crystallize something special, we feel fulfilled. We can be creative, learn, grow, and improve ourselves mentally, physically, and materially. Crystallization brings many benefits.

But how can we crystallize properly? Crystallization reflects our inner world. It is a state of consciousness that strives for what suits us. The external manifestation of crystallization reflects our inner essence. Crystallization that generates conflict within ourselves or externally is not positive. Crystallization that disturbs others or causes discomfort is not positive either. You might ask, then, what constitutes good crystallization? I can’t always observe everything; I need to look at myself as well. If such thoughts overwhelm you, remember that you won’t be neglected when you achieve proper crystallization. It will enrich and truly fulfill you.

In that state, question and listen to the words spoken earlier, directed towards you. You will notice that when you experience the right crystallization, you will no longer have a need for biased thoughts or thoughts that create unrest, first within yourself and then in others. That is precisely the satisfaction = love. Allow me to give you an example. If you recall pleasant moments and positive accomplishments, pause! Enter fresh moments where those states are still vivid, almost instantaneous. You will see how gently, positively, and effortlessly you perceive others. Everything is fine. That is the feeling that crystallization achieves.

Crystallization, dear, accomplishes, soothes, brings enthusiasm and creativity…

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