Fiery thoughts and words

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The manifestation of words is a process that surrounds us every day. Every thought and word comes out of us, we emit them into the world. To whom are they addressed? To ourselves, to others, to nature… Acceleration! The acceleration of life is not foreign to us, you will agree. As the title suggests, fiery! Fiery thinking and expression captivate the mind, positively, negatively, excitingly. We are left with colder thoughts and words, which I would call boring or monotonous. I don’t even have to guess, I know that fiery thoughts and words have grown closer to your heart. Maybe someone even likes monotony and boredom, but overall, everyone mostly likes the feeling of lively thought processes in which they feel alive. All of these are thoughts and words of everyday life, but there is a difference. The differences are everything that sets it apart from a certain context, and that is the content that is striking, according to the reader’s understanding and interest. There are contents that are generally known in the collective consciousness as more interesting or sensitive. I won’t mention specific content, you can come to your own conclusions about what you consider a striking form for the majority of people today.

Now, let me pause for those who still don’t understand the meaning of this text. Why is it written and what is its content? We come to the part where we enter the hot part of this post. I will explain it like this. This content, like other content, comes from a fundamental structure that has the purpose of strikingly arousing thoughts, words, and actions. According to the individual thinking form of each reader, indicating to him the sense in which he should understand the individual content. Without compromising his willingness to consume the content, because everyone has the ability to enrich that same content with their originality.

I would fit the energy of words into this part of the composition of the content. The energy of words, as the word itself says, is the process of achieving effective vibrations that need to be executed where they are sent. For example, when we create a certain thought form within ourselves, it needs to initiate further activity through further compositions of thought processes. Likewise, only words can interact with the environment. We should not underestimate either of them, but take them seriously, so that we can think and communicate calmly, pleasantly, buoyantly, and humorously. Such contents do not disappear, they are always somewhere, even if a person suppresses and forgets them. I would kindly direct these presentation processes to each individual reader and direct words, reflections. By considering individual events in the day, we are also doing cleaning that pleasantly releases us from unnecessary burdens and creates a truly pleasant feeling. Try it if you haven’t already.

And now, I will spice things up a bit with words. Let’s imagine now, moments in our lives when tempting ideas or thought images come to us, which could be useful to us, either for our pleasure, work, earning or something else that would create alert and tempting feelings for us.

In pursuit of intellectual pearls, I create posts. This is to ensure that everyone can partake in these ideas and insights, waiting to be realized through our originality and good will.

Indeed, true realization of knowledge occurs in moments of identical consciousness, triggering the treasure that brings about inner and outer brilliance.


Some individuals are not inclined to think much about creating intellectual processes and insights, perhaps because they are not such people, don’t have the time, or are burdened with the realities of life and a host of other possibilities that could prevent them from staying alert to progress. I am here for you.

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