Concentric core

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The concentric core of action expands through the human mind, acting also in the body and influencing the environment.

The magnetism stemming from the striking core of emotions spreads, exciting the human mind until it calms down.

That is why there is a place and time for human actions.

The thoughtful concentricity is a set of thought processes that occur when we experience striking thoughts, thoughts connected to emotions. Striking thoughts can also be thoughts related to body activities and feelings, through pleasures, illnesses, and other mental and physical conditions.

Why is it important to express these characteristics in this post? Because these activities shape our thoughts and everyday life. Frequent exposure to various influences creates a routine that passes into the subconscious state, which we could call a dormant state.

We will not take it so seriously, will we? The purpose is just to provide a positive insight into the daily lives of each of us individually. Yes, individually! Individually here means that everyone who reads participates in the original adoption of thought processes arising from this text and concerns only those who adopt them. This means that each of you is important. I am addressing you! In a friendly manner, of course.

I would like to achieve intimacy and a kind of positive interaction with everyone who connects through the content I create, and I humbly thank everyone who consumes the content of this blog.

They fit, for example, into artistic fields, but also into other areas where they can act according to their creativity. “Liberating instructions,” self-directed orders, are part of the mobile force of stimulation. The conclusion of this sentence would be that, even though we have difficulties, even though our minds are deconcentrated, even though we are weak in other areas, it can always be transformed into positive energy and act on us and others.

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