Sharpness of movement

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Sharpness and insightfulness in perception and attitude shape the security image that vividly exists in the human mind. Such an attitude enables security personnel to ensure themselves and the protected area.

Private security, as a branch of everyday order and peace maintenance, is present in many areas around us. Legally speaking, everything in private security is carried out with careful attention to detail, but some things are only noticed through experience. Sometimes there can be confusion in certain situations, even though they are precisely defined by law. For example, while some means of enforcement are defined in certain areas, many details such as purpose, composition, and authorized users remain questionable. This can lead us down a blind alley if we want to carry out our work in a correct and transparent manner in accordance with the law on private security.

Have you noticed how you use your knowledge as a guide in your activities? In this way, thought processes crystallize, providing us with insight into the clarity of the steps we should take. For example, we may struggle with some answers and questions, but by delaying those questions and finding motivation and refreshment somewhere else, we can finally continue. Additionally, this continuation can often be compared to spontaneous actions that happen along the way. A random idea, seemingly small, can turn into a key conceptual form.

Achieving small things in everyday life leads to achieving big things, because big things and actions must consist of many small ones. This logic can be clear to us, but it still needs to be encouraged, mentioned, and made aware of, because even though we see and understand, we still do not implement. Why? Probably because we have our own reasons. There are always personal reasons. Let’s stop! What reasons are we talking about? Finally, let’s admit whether we are honest or deceiving ourselves. When we manage to achieve honesty, we achieve peace. Note! I am talking about honesty towards ourselves, we cannot run away from ourselves. If we go back to our previous thoughts and states, and then realize how we felt when we were honest with ourselves, then we could be encouraged to that honesty.

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