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Joyful picture of oneself

The joy of my heart is peaceful and filled with peace, joy is within reach, but wait, am I really happy? No, I have felt planned happiness. I have a plan, is it real or a product of my desires? I would say it’s a product of what I want. Let’s remember when we are delighted with something at first, that first feeling of relief is beautiful and unburdened, but later we spice it up with our human characteristics, desires, and everything we consider good, but only burden ourselves.

It is the same with other people, for example, the relationship between new partners. At first, it’s fun because we react with respect and feelings of attraction, without other thoughts. The second part that refers to the difficult part is the first approach, which is a problem for some people, while not for others.

To be inspired and feel joy, we need stimulation. Stimulation can be the revival of feelings that are buoyant and joyful, with doses of excitement and euphoric characteristics. Euphoric and exciting feelings make us buoyant, but we can also become disoriented and distracted. Staying focused and stable is an art that can be discovered in spontaneity.

These previous sentences can be compared to an imbalance that can cause us to fall.

Establishing balance should be according to each individual’s understanding. I would like to share only the experience I noticed as an opportunity to establish balance. It is important to emphasize that balance is established every day, from the moment we wake up to the moment we go to bed. I realized that there is no formula for continuous joy without the presence of developmental feelings. Developmental feelings are feelings that stimulate, motivate, and drive our actions. These feelings do not have to be pleasant, even the opposite, they can achieve meaning through discomfort for the purpose of pleasure and achievement. These feelings can, at the mere thought of fear or some uncomfortable situation, prompt a person to wake up from the sleep of continuity of a straight line and achieve positive shaking.

Shaking means to move, move means to achieve, achieving means to start over.

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