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Should I love myself? One might say, Of course, I do. But is that really true? Let’s think about the many things we do against ourselves. We often burden ourselves unnecessarily. We are strict with ourselves. We neglect our bodies, often without considering the consequences. All of this is part of our everyday thinking. How can we awaken feelings of responsibility towards ourselves? How can we awaken love for ourselves when we are very critical of ourselves? These are common and normal questions. Many things in life impose greater measuring scales on us, which we should follow in our work, love, appearance, social and family life. All these measuring scales can differ from our identities. An identity crisis can arise. These are heavy words to explain, aren’t they! I used them to provoke thought. Our identity is often a secret. We may know what we are good at and how we behave, but most things about our identity are unknown. Why bother? Let’s discover the details of our identity through our own development and the actions that arise from it.

“The thought is not the key to productivity and the ultimate realization of successful solutions. It’s not the contemplation of the final word in our hearts, but the moment of realization of the liberated essence that arises from a series of thoughts, achieving the truth.”

The title of the cover image, ‘Do not raise your hand against your own work’, refers to the work of your life and all the good creations related to it.

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