Concentric core

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The concentric core of action expands through the human mind, acting also in the body and influencing the environment.

The magnetism stemming from the striking core of emotions spreads, exciting the human mind until it calms down.

That is why there is a place and time for human actions.

The thoughtful concentricity is a set of thought processes that occur when we experience striking thoughts, thoughts connected to emotions. Striking thoughts can also be thoughts related to body activities and feelings, through pleasures, illnesses, and other mental and physical conditions.

Why is it important to express these characteristics in this post? Because these activities shape our thoughts and everyday life. Frequent exposure to various influences creates a routine that passes into the subconscious state, which we could call a dormant state.

We will not take it so seriously, will we? The purpose is just to provide a positive insight into the daily lives of each of us individually. Yes, individually! Individually here means that everyone who reads participates in the original adoption of thought processes arising from this text and concerns only those who adopt them. This means that each of you is important. I am addressing you! In a friendly manner, of course.

I would like to achieve intimacy and a kind of positive interaction with everyone who connects through the content I create, and I humbly thank everyone who consumes the content of this blog.

They fit, for example, into artistic fields, but also into other areas where they can act according to their creativity. “Liberating instructions,” self-directed orders, are part of the mobile force of stimulation. The conclusion of this sentence would be that, even though we have difficulties, even though our minds are deconcentrated, even though we are weak in other areas, it can always be transformed into positive energy and act on us and others.

Sharpness of movement

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Sharpness and insightfulness in perception and attitude shape the security image that vividly exists in the human mind. Such an attitude enables security personnel to ensure themselves and the protected area.

Private security, as a branch of everyday order and peace maintenance, is present in many areas around us. Legally speaking, everything in private security is carried out with careful attention to detail, but some things are only noticed through experience. Sometimes there can be confusion in certain situations, even though they are precisely defined by law. For example, while some means of enforcement are defined in certain areas, many details such as purpose, composition, and authorized users remain questionable. This can lead us down a blind alley if we want to carry out our work in a correct and transparent manner in accordance with the law on private security.

Have you noticed how you use your knowledge as a guide in your activities? In this way, thought processes crystallize, providing us with insight into the clarity of the steps we should take. For example, we may struggle with some answers and questions, but by delaying those questions and finding motivation and refreshment somewhere else, we can finally continue. Additionally, this continuation can often be compared to spontaneous actions that happen along the way. A random idea, seemingly small, can turn into a key conceptual form.

Achieving small things in everyday life leads to achieving big things, because big things and actions must consist of many small ones. This logic can be clear to us, but it still needs to be encouraged, mentioned, and made aware of, because even though we see and understand, we still do not implement. Why? Probably because we have our own reasons. There are always personal reasons. Let’s stop! What reasons are we talking about? Finally, let’s admit whether we are honest or deceiving ourselves. When we manage to achieve honesty, we achieve peace. Note! I am talking about honesty towards ourselves, we cannot run away from ourselves. If we go back to our previous thoughts and states, and then realize how we felt when we were honest with ourselves, then we could be encouraged to that honesty.

Wake up and move

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Shake yourself, get moving, and awaken what is dormant within you. Today, drowsiness is prevalent in all areas of life. I’m not referring to the typical physical drowsiness, but rather to the lack of motivation, fatigue, lack of focus, disorientation in life, and one’s own search for direction. Through this post, I would like to visually demonstrate the need for dynamic movement, which is not only physical but also mental in nature. In mental movement, our thoughts and feelings, motives, desires, and needs are all involved. The ways in which these words vibrate in our consciousness depend on each individual. Imagine the exhilarating feeling when we discover, learn, and achieve something. That is exactly how we should ignite creativity within ourselves. A firm foundation is important for our progress and sense of security. But here we are talking about the firmness and security of our intention and bold action. Instability is precisely the catalyst for an enriched attitude and a positive rhythm of movement in everyday life. The result is progress. Every progress, personal or collective, is initiated from the foundation of the first intention. After the first intention, a motivated incentive follows like a wind.

I would like to mention the “thorn of motivation,” which could be compared to our state of restlessness that constantly seeks to achieve something. We could describe it as restlessness in a motivational context. This restlessness can also be called a creative need.

The prick of the “thorn of motivation” ignites the fire of achievement. The fire of achievement soothes our hearts.

“The thorn of restlessness is for enrichment.”

Too much security and comfort lead to passivity, which does not realize creativity, something that every human being craves.

Creation is a part of our nature; it is important to awaken it.


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Joyful picture of oneself

The joy of my heart is peaceful and filled with peace, joy is within reach, but wait, am I really happy? No, I have felt planned happiness. I have a plan, is it real or a product of my desires? I would say it’s a product of what I want. Let’s remember when we are delighted with something at first, that first feeling of relief is beautiful and unburdened, but later we spice it up with our human characteristics, desires, and everything we consider good, but only burden ourselves.

It is the same with other people, for example, the relationship between new partners. At first, it’s fun because we react with respect and feelings of attraction, without other thoughts. The second part that refers to the difficult part is the first approach, which is a problem for some people, while not for others.

To be inspired and feel joy, we need stimulation. Stimulation can be the revival of feelings that are buoyant and joyful, with doses of excitement and euphoric characteristics. Euphoric and exciting feelings make us buoyant, but we can also become disoriented and distracted. Staying focused and stable is an art that can be discovered in spontaneity.

These previous sentences can be compared to an imbalance that can cause us to fall.

Establishing balance should be according to each individual’s understanding. I would like to share only the experience I noticed as an opportunity to establish balance. It is important to emphasize that balance is established every day, from the moment we wake up to the moment we go to bed. I realized that there is no formula for continuous joy without the presence of developmental feelings. Developmental feelings are feelings that stimulate, motivate, and drive our actions. These feelings do not have to be pleasant, even the opposite, they can achieve meaning through discomfort for the purpose of pleasure and achievement. These feelings can, at the mere thought of fear or some uncomfortable situation, prompt a person to wake up from the sleep of continuity of a straight line and achieve positive shaking.

Shaking means to move, move means to achieve, achieving means to start over.


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Should I love myself? One might say, Of course, I do. But is that really true? Let’s think about the many things we do against ourselves. We often burden ourselves unnecessarily. We are strict with ourselves. We neglect our bodies, often without considering the consequences. All of this is part of our everyday thinking. How can we awaken feelings of responsibility towards ourselves? How can we awaken love for ourselves when we are very critical of ourselves? These are common and normal questions. Many things in life impose greater measuring scales on us, which we should follow in our work, love, appearance, social and family life. All these measuring scales can differ from our identities. An identity crisis can arise. These are heavy words to explain, aren’t they! I used them to provoke thought. Our identity is often a secret. We may know what we are good at and how we behave, but most things about our identity are unknown. Why bother? Let’s discover the details of our identity through our own development and the actions that arise from it.

“The thought is not the key to productivity and the ultimate realization of successful solutions. It’s not the contemplation of the final word in our hearts, but the moment of realization of the liberated essence that arises from a series of thoughts, achieving the truth.”

The title of the cover image, ‘Do not raise your hand against your own work’, refers to the work of your life and all the good creations related to it.

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