Damir Turković-George
Conceptual Art and Expression Stand Out

Creation: Graphic arts and painting

Dear readers and viewers of the blog,

Greetings to all. Thank you for visiting. Please feel comfortable and have fun on this blog.

A few words about me.

I was born in Croatia in 1984, in the city of Zagreb. I graduated from a Graphic school in Zagreb. For the last few years, I have been working professionally in the private sector, where I still work. Since childhood, I have expressed myself in a visual form. This blog contains textual content with an emphasis on visual expression. The topics cover real and practical experiences in life, relationships, art, entertainment, and the professional field of private security.

I fill my moments with my creations, thinking, illustration, creative and interactive writing, designing, and editing the blog. The topics cover both private and professional expression, and express human and other forms of expression through states of consciousness, form, and dynamics of time. I would emphasize my amateur and non-professional application of painting, as well as graphic painting techniques that I often use.

I create posts based on my thoughts and ideas, so that everyone can take part in these ideas and insights, waiting to be realized by our originality and goodwill.

The goal of this blog is to achieve artistic, contemplative, conceptual, and inspirational content.

True realization at the moment of identical consciousness is the trigger for the treasure that achieves internal and external radiance.

Some people are not inclined to think much in order to create conceptual processes and insights, perhaps because they are not such people, do not have the time, are burdened by the realities of life, and a number of other possibilities that could prevent progress. I am here for you.

Expression of Peace

The foundation of creativity on the blog

Artworks directed towards peace, as well as works that promote inner and outer peace of individuals, signify the achievement of positive dynamics through joy and entertainment. This textual content shapes the visual identity based on the fundamental values of creativity on this blog. The displayed image can be found at the bottom of the blog.




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