Damir George Turković
Artist - VisionalMurmur
Zagreb, Croatia


I was born in Croatia in 1984, in the city of Zagreb. I graduated from a Graphic school in Zagreb. For the last few years, I have been working professionally in the private sector, where I still work. Since childhood, I have expressed myself in a visual form. This blog contains textual content with an emphasis on visual expression. The topics cover real and practical experiences in life, relationships, art, entertainment, and the professional field of private security.

I fill my moments with my creations, thinking, illustration, creative and interactive writing, designing, and editing the blog. The topics cover both private and professional expression, and express human and other forms of expression through states of consciousness, form, and dynamics of time. I would emphasize my amateur and non-professional application of painting, as well as graphic painting techniques that I often use.

I create posts based on my thoughts and ideas, so that everyone can take part in these ideas and insights, waiting to be realized by our originality and goodwill.

The techniques I mostly use are acrylic and canvas, with occasional application of oil to canvas. I combine it with a digital area, creating complete digital works.

PREFERENCE: I would highlight the affinity of working with material form, acrylic, oil, canvas... Digital access has been used for scanning and various updates in digital areas, the basis of which is a material image.

Works are predominantly conceptual.

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