When obtaining possession of an image of a new owner in such a way that he is granted free use of the image (reproductions, publications in printed and internet form). While remaining the opportunity for the old owner to retain the reproduction of the image in print and digital form (exclusively on its website and social platforms related to art). Without the possibility of further transfer of the image to third parties.

When obtaining possession of the image of the new owner in such a way that the old owner is removed from the possibility of using the image by retaining printed or digital reproduction and the possibility of using the image on social artistic platforms as well as other possibilities of sharing the image in printed and digital form. In order to realize one of the points, the two parties need to establish an agreement and agreement on the author's rules.

The author retains the rule that regardless of the degree point of surrender of the possibility of his works to other parties, his signature on the front of the painting (name, surname, stage name) and data from the back remain in the paintings.

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